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★Welded tube production line introduction
 Import of Φ76 precision production mill of TEAWOOG company in Korea; range of processingΦ20-Φ80, with features like high precision and good stability. It takes 8 front 6 behind forming and sizing structure; three electrical machine running way; Siemens electrical control system ensures the basic guarantee of product stability, consistency and precision of high precision welded tube.

Φ76 precision production mill of TEAWOOG company in Korea

American Thermtool solid-state H. F. welder is the most advanced, the most reliable and the most stable H. F. welder with frequency, power and speed auto match function, it can ensure the fastness and smooth of the weld joint of the welded tube and very low start-stop tube destroy rate, it hardly be effected by electric-network fluctuation and has low energy consumption.

German specialists conduct field installation and guide our technicians to use the tools

★SAAR HARTMETALL UND WERKZEUGE GMBH  is a leading welded tube scarfing tool specialized manufacturer, it has nearly 30 years experience of researching and developing welded tube inside and outside scarfing tool. It forms a complete set of serialized, modularized and standardized inside scarfing tool, it blends the best inside scarfing angle, height and radian in the design of the tool itself, cutting ring holder and cutting ring .

After the inside scarfing, it is smooth, steady and no touch feeling, dimension can reach +0.05/-0.10mm, it can meet the demands of high quality welded tube and raw tube for cold drawing and cold rolling precision  tube.

Cut to length uses cold saw that is made in  OTO company of Italy, the verticality of the port section after cutting is high, no burr, scrap rubber, further processing is not needed, it can be used directly without getting red of the head and end, the consumption of the material is reduced, length dimension  is accurate.