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Changchun Hengfeng Pipe Co., Ltd. of Tokyo
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Company Profile
Founded in October 2009, Changchun Dongdahengfeng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd is located at a section with convenient transportation north of Bingsan Road and west of Binger Street in National Changchun Automotive Economic-technological Development Area Changchun in Changchun City, where FAW Group is located and automotive industry is developed. The project covers a total area of 35783 m2 and estimated investment reaches RMB 150 million Yuan, which are to be used to build a new production base for high-precision and high-frequency welded tubes oriented at a series of products including tubes used on automobiles, sports equipment, bicycles, medical equipment, furniture, hardware and lamps and stoves as well as electro-thermal tubes and hot-galvanized electric wire conduits. This company imported globally advanced welded tube production line and other supporting equipment from developed countries including the US and Germany, which can manufacture products within the size range between ф20 and ф165 mm and the thickness range between 0.8 and 6.0 mm and has an annual production capacity of 30000 t. This company’s products are well-received in China, which are primarily sold to three provinces in northeastern China, and automotive parts including high-quality steering gears, shock absorbers, transmission shafts and chassis are supplied to FAW Group and its subsidiaries and supporting automotive parts manufacturers. In addition, this company’s products are sold in other countries and regions including Europe, the US and Japan. Adhering to the objective and philosophy of manufacturing high-quality products and developing old industrial base, we have been making efforts to build Dongdahengfeng into a world-famous brand. This company always commits to meeting requirements of our clients!
We have been attaching importance to advices and suggestions from our customers and making relentless efforts to manufacture the most competitive steel tubes for automobiles and civil uses.

Advantages of this Company
I. Advantages in Quality
1. This company uses cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel plate manufactured by a large-scale steel mill as raw materials to manufacture tubes. Formed tubes have great ductility and will not be wrinkled or obviously wrinkled when they are bent or twisted, so smooth surface of tube can be maintained.

2. This company specializes in manufacturing seamed and precise welded tubes in fixed length and thus can manufacture specialized welded tubes for automotives and civil uses, for which satisfactory deformation rate and ductility can be guaranteed.

3. This company’s welding production line is driven by double motors and thus can ensure smaller error in size of formed tubes and smoother and straighter tube surface.

4. During production process, band steel is conveyed through dial feed, which can prevent surface of band steel from being wrinkled or damaged and thus can ensure smoother surface of tubes compared to ordinary feed method.

5. This company adopts solid-state and high-frequency welding procedure, which can ensure solid welding seam and achieve more uniform inside and outside welding seam and higher welding speed.

6. This company’s products are mainly used by the automotive industry, so we are familiar with special quality requirements of the industry.

7. Quality of this company’s products is higher than international standards:

National standards:

1. Diameter tolerance of precise welded tubes should be ±0.1;

2. Tubes should not crack when their nozzles are expanded by 6%;

3. Welding seams on tubes should not crack when outer diameters of tubes are crushed by 1/3;
Quality standards of our products:

1. Diameter tolerance of precise welded tubes can achieve ±0.05;

2. When nozzles of tubes are expanded by 50%, tube material will crack, but welding seams will not crack;

3. Welding seams on tubes will not crack when they are totally flattened.

II. Advantages in Price
This company specializes in manufacturing seamed and precise welded tubes in fixed length and is located near a Changchun-based Subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation, which can supply this company with various raw materials and thus ensure relatively low production cost. While ensuring quality of products, this company has great advantages in price.

III. Advantages in Resources
At present, all principals in charge of major departments of this company used to work in the automotive industry and requirements of this industry represent the highest requirements of mechanical industry. We apply special requirements of automotive industry in this company and can develop new products based on requirements of our clients.